Founder of Chloe Rae Designs. I decided upon this name for my business because my goals in the beauty industry are much more than just doing hair behind the chair.  I aspire to be in the fashion industry creating abstract art through hair based on my past experiences.  Because of my far fetched dreams and goals, it is why i chose my slogan Dream b.i.g. Dream beauty.  B.I.G. stands for beauty inspired ingenuity.  I believe everyone should find wonderful aspects out of life to find their inspiration that drives their creativity.  Being inspired and creative, is what makes this world a more beautiful place.  Fortunately, i am blessed to be in a field where b.i.g. is my life, my love and profession.  I encourage all to not be afraid, but to chase their dreams.  A place where it is Encouraged to Dream...Cheers!—Dream b.i.g. Dream beauty.

Cosmetology has had a big impact on my life.  It is the most fulfilling profession i have had thus far artistically.  It brings me joy to help others accomplish their inspired looks that make them feel beautiful. The other profession that also had a major impact on my life was archaeology.  I studied in Blue Creek, Belize for 4 years with The Maya Research Program (MRP).  I gain a lot of my inspiration and ingenuity, for my art form in hair and cosplays, from my studies abroad.  

Now, I get to take my experiences and relate them.  For instance, how beauty and art have influenced our world, not in just America, but Cultures all around. Compare views based on social pressures and media.  What does each culture find to be beautiful and why?  My long term goal is to express all these answers to the above questions through the abstract art on humans in the expression of hair and body art.  



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